Living a Life of Balance

with Jordan Dyer

Do your children seem to catch every little bug that comes around? Are you tired of the daily ‘eat your veggies’ struggle and don’t have the energy to keep saying ‘NO’ to sugary sweets? Is your teen struggling with anxiety, burnout, brain fog or acne? Let’s find out WHY and get them back on track.

If this sounds like your family, I can help!

Lifelong health and vitality is a LIFELONG journey. Every decision you make is either getting you closer to your goals… or, NOT.

Did you know that the generation of young people ages 6-15 are the first generation in over 100 years to have a LOWER life expectancy than their parents?!

Even with ‘modern medicine’ and ‘progress’ and ‘SCIENCE’!

How is this possible?!

We are living in an age of toxicities. Before they are even born, children are subjected to toxins and chemicals in the mother’s womb. Along with all that ‘progress’ came 77,000+ man-made chemicals that are now prolific in our environment – they are even found in our rainwater!

Believe me when I say, I know that it seems hopeless and overwhelming. I know that the onslaught of information feels like too much to handle on top of everything else we need to do. As parents we want to give our children the BEST possible shot at beating the odds. We want them to not just live, but to thrive! They deserve to feel at home in their bodies and to have the tools necessary to make good choices and create good habits that will last a lifetime.

I want to help you make sense of the dizzying amount of information out there and figure out what is best for YOUR family.

I want you to feel empowered to talk to your family about wellness, to teach your children how to listen to their bodies and not feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the process.

Please reach out via the contact form and let’s get started on a journey toward a happier and healthier home life!

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