About Me

As an Integrative Health Practitioner and clinical Herbalist, I have a diverse set of skills and knowledge to pull from. The wisdom of Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine has shown me the power of plants and their gentle push and pull on our mind and body systems to bring stability and vitality. Modern day science has proven time and again that these dynamic medical systems with thousands of years of clinical research and practice are a competent and effective way of approaching daily health care. To be able to integrate that knowledge with the ability to quickly and efficiently lab test for deficiencies and signs of distress in an increasingly toxic world is a privilege I don’t take lightly. 

My own experience with ‘dis-ease’ has taught me even more than the years I’ve spent studying. You are not meant to suffer alone. You should not be brushed off, discredited and ignored by your healthcare provider. Our bodies have an incredible ability to heal if we let them and no matter how daunting it may seem or how chronic and ‘incurable’ your condition, there is always hope.

Having a child of my own has ignited a passion in me to educate the young and prevent the onslaught of illness that statistically is heading their way. I have a hunger for knowledge and a deep desire to turn information into action. I believe nutrition, movement and stress management are the keys to a healthy body and mind.  I also know first hand the despair that comes from feeling alone and tired, in pain and overburdened and I want nothing more than to help others find a renewed zest for life and TRUE health.