Work With Me

What to Expect

As your healthcare advocate I’ll be your guide in navigating the confusing ideas we all run into about diet, lifestyle, supplements and more . Because no two bodies are exactly the same, there is no one right answer to bringing your body back into balance. Together, we’ll create a functional plan made just for YOU. 

Recovering whole body equilibrium doesn’t happen overnight – however, there are often small, simple changes we can make that can have a big impact. 

First, we’ll meet and talk about the big picture concerns you may be dealing with and get to know one another a little. Don’t forget, we are a TEAM! My hope is that you’ll feel comfortable with me and empowered to make the necessary changes while we work together. 

Next, you’ll work on your intake form and dive deep into your daily lifestyle habits – things like diet, movement, relationships, health history and much more will be covered there. The rest will depend on you! 

Some people know what they need to change already and need a little help fitting those changes into their lives. Others need help with new recipes or navigating the grocery aisles and reading labels. More often, however, it takes time and patience to understand the root cause of the ‘dis-ease’. That might look like creating an exercise plan and diet changes, or removing toxins and lab testing. No matter what it looks like for you, I’ll be there to support you. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions – I can’t wait to get started on this journey with you!

Step 1: Book a Free 20 Minute Consult

Let’s meet! Reach out via text, email, or the contact form below. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours to set up a time. We can meet virtually or in person.

This is required before booking any health consultation packages. However, if you’d like to schedule supermarket support, kitchen clean-out or other in home services this isn’t necessary.

During this consult we’ll discuss the information you’ve provided on the intake form. Our goal will be to figure out the root cause of your discomforts while also managing symptoms in a natural and holistic way. Here we will cover your specific health goals and decide together if lab testing or a personalized detox plan is necessary. We’ll also do a full body health and wellness assessment and you’ll leave with concrete ways to begin implementing diet and movement changes into your life.

This also includes two bi-weekly email check-ins to make sure you’re staying on track with your personal goals. This option is great for people who are self-motivated and good at sticking to a plan on their own.  You can always book another session if needed!

The Path to Wellness Plan is a three month commitment to changing the way you view your health. We’ll have an initial In-Depth Consult where we’ll create a clear plan to get you well on your way to healing. This plan includes unlimited email support for three months as well as two follow up health coaching sessions (45 mins each). You’ll also be given a personal nutrition guide with meal planning and shopping support.

This is a great option for MOST people. Our bodies are complex and while there is no magic pill, there is very little that can’t be achieved in three months with some determination and good support.

This is a six month full support plan. After the initial consult this will include monthly 45 min meetings as well as unlimited email support.

This option is recommended for people with long term health problems or those that know they may need longer term support to reach their health goals.

In this fun, child focused session, we’ll talk about how powerful food and nutrition can be in changing everything from your child’s mood and sleep habits to staving off the common cold. We’ll focus on honesty and transparency (no hiding veggies!) and how to get even young children involved in making the right choices for their bodies.

This is also a great session to talk about herbs and supplements that are right for children – something I have researched at length and am very passionate about.

Let’s go shopping! All too often I hear from clients that they are overwhelmed at the grocery store. Some make a list and don’t stick to it, some just don’t know what the right choice is when they get there. I get it – it IS overwhelming. With a little practice however, you can be an efficient shopper while making healthy choices and sticking to a budget.

In this session we’ll head to your favorite place to shop and I’ll walk you through beginning to end while answering questions and looking out for nasty hidden ingredients.

This session available at addresses within 45 mins of zip code 84115.

Let’s take a look at your personal health goals and see if your kitchen is holding you back! In this session we’ll take a look at foods in your pantry and refrigerator – we’ll discuss hidden ingredients and make a grocery list of better options that fit in your budget.

This session available at addresses within 45 mins of zip code 84115.

With years of experience in the restaurant industry I have a deep appreciation and love for the fine dining experience. I understand how satisfying and special a meal shared with loved ones can be – especially when someone else does the work! I also understand the easy pitfall of eating out, and doing it often. There is usually a REASON their food tastes better – extra oils, sugars, hidden MSG and more can lead to long term health issues and an unhealthy relationship with food. 

Let me help you get back to basics in your own home and take back control of your eating habits. Let eating out become something special again. We’ll spend time in your kitchen and work with what you have and your current skill level to create an easy, healthy, homemade meal plan for your household. We’ll discuss and map out goals – like always taking food with you to the office, or pre-made breakfasts so mornings seem less hectic.

When we’re finished you’ll have an easy to implement plan to reach your goals. You’ll have a better understanding of how to efficiently use your groceries so there is less waste. We’ll talk about nutrition goals, food budget, meal prep and more. Most importantly, you’ll be EXCITED to cook at home again.

This session available at addresses within 45 mins of zip code 84115.